Better Whey of Life Branding

Illustra created a Strategy for the Better Whey of Life brand then rolled it out to the brand mark, packaging, in store marketing support, promotions and website.

Better Whey of Life is the “FIRST” great tasting yogurt, made from Whey protein that helps you make the most of your calories.

There is 2-3 times as many grams of protein as the competition. The majority of this is made of whey protein, which is not true or is not emphasized with other brands.

By focusing on the concept that Whey protein is the most effective protein available to help achieve a lean body, the brand has owned this position as the leading brand in the protein enhanced category of everyday foods.

The product itself provides a leaner body. The leaner body leads to a healthier life, a prolonged life, and a better lifestyle.

The customer tends to be in their mid-20’s to early-40’s. They are interested in how they look and feel. They are looking for products that will help them in their never-ending quest to be healthier, leaner and more fit.

Illustra helped Better Whey of Life introduce the category of Protein Enhanced Everyday Foods along with a definition of what this category means. It continues to be the leader it this category.

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    Better Whey of Life

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