Frigo Cheese Heads Relaunch

Illustra redesigned the packaging for Frigo Cheese Heads string cheese, created supporting promotional programs and sales materials.

Frigo Cheese Heads string cheese is the #1 selling string cheese with a market share of 22% nationally. It’s strong in all markets and is carried by the top 10 grocery chains.

Target audience is mothers with children 3-14 with sweet spots being girls 9 years old and boys 10 years old.

The packaging and promotional materials have a fun colorful feel that attract children and stand out in the dairy and deli aisle.

Year long supporting marketing elements to help drive sales in the dairy and deli cases included National FSI’s in the Sunday newspaper, in store point of sale coupons, on-pack promotions, inner wrappers with trivia and a custom folder containing all sales material.

Gold level Hermes Creative Award Winner
• Integrated Marketing Campaign

  • Categories
    Branding, Graphic Design, Package Design, Print Design, Promotions, Web Design
  • Client
    Frigo Cheese Heads

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