How we help with your inbound marketing

Illustra manages every facet of inbound marketing by building a comprehensive marketing plan. This plan acts as a strategic map on delivering continuous and relevant tactics that help drive sales.

Building a comprehensive marketing plan

Create strategy

We start by learning about your company, the market you compete in and the goals you want to achieve. With this information, a strategy can be built to drive your ideal prospect to your website and generate qualified leads.

We determine where you stand today, where your customers reside and where the potential new business opportunities are.

Determine where you want to go, how to get there and how to detect your arrival. In this stage we will also define what success looks like to you.

Results of this research are compiled into a written inbound marketing strategy containing your goals, tactics to achieve them, benchmarks and analytics to measure and adapt the plan.

Build inbound fundamental elements

Inbound fundamental elements are the engines that drive your marketing plan. These elements are constantly evolving to match your customers’ goals and pain points.

Buyer personas are representations of an ideal customer, based on demographics, behaviors, motivations, goals, challenges and trends derived from research and real information supplied by your team and current customers.

Personas are one of the most important aspects of your inbound marketing plan. They help you send the right message to the correct person at the most opportune time.

You will learn important information on your customer such as:

  • The way the customer wants to be communicated with
  • Discover the channels they frequent and how to market your business there
  • When to adapt your message in the different stages of the buyer’s journey
  • The best way to sell to your customer

We dive deep into the minds of your customers gathering info from site analytics, social media listening, interviews and surveys to create a buyer’s persona.

Content creation is an on going activity requiring the right materials in the correct format delivered to specific audiences.

What type of content do you need? Well, that depends on the information provided in your buyer’s persona. Prospects are looking to be educated on solutions to their pain points and challenges before they make a purchase.

We create personalized content that has the biggest impact on your prospective customer based on their location in the buyer’s journey to becoming a client. This ensures the customer will receive content that speaks directly to them the moment they want it.

Every piece of content we create includes ongoing SEO best practices such as long-tail keywords and analysis to help get you found. Weather copy is written for lead generation, calls-to-action encouraging next steps, media attention or to position you as thought leaders, our content keeps your customers engaged.

One of the most important fundamental elements is your website. Your website is the hub for interacting with your customers and generating leads.

When users visit your website, you need to provide them with information that educates them on solutions to their pain points and challenges. By doing this, you help your visitors get to know and trust you. In turn, that makes it easier to convert prospects into new leads.

We work with developers to build efficiently modern websites that load quickly on any devise and attract more visitors from search engines. The use of SEO best practices ensure that Google is able to crawl your site, navigation is easy and call-to-actions are clear.

We analyze pages to understand how visitors interact with your site, call-to-actions are clear and to monitor A/B testing of forms to determine what performs best.

5 steps of the Illustra quick website development methodology:

  1. Identify “must have” pages
  2. Design and code these pages first
  3. Make crucial pages live
  4. Drive and Track results
  5. Continue to build additional pages

Each prospective lead performs specific actions on their unique buyers journey. Automation lead management software tracks and documents the actions of each lead and creates workflows.

Actions by the lead such as downloading a whitepaper will trigger an automated workflow that sends personalized messages encouraging them to take next steps in their specific buyers journey.

Once the lead is ready to become a customer, automated alerts are sent to the sales team to trigger further contact.

Inbound marketing requires powerful automation lead management tools to maximize its potential. We recommend using one of the marketing automation software tools in the market such as Hubspot, Marketo, Silverpop, etc.

Implement tactics to Attract, Convert, Close, Delight

Inbounds marketing methodology helps you earn prospects’ attention, converts them to leads, nurtures those leads through the buyer’s journey and turns them into delighted customers.
Inbound Marketing Methodology

Measure & Report

We track everything... following your prospects to understand what influences them on their buying journey.

We constantly review your prospects actions on how they interact and engage with your inbound content. This analysis allows us to understand what influences them and make adjustments to optimize your marketing plan, create more leads and secure new customers.

We use online benchmarking software to set up gaunt and flow charts to ensure projects are moving along smoothly and deadlines are met.

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